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As an international speaker, I know how important your conference is to your organisation. You have key messages that you’d like to get across in a dynamic but respectful way – to motivate your people into action or maybe just to think differently. That’s why I take time to build real empathy with you and your audience in advance.

I’ll listen first to you, then speak to a number of your audience before the event – to ensure the content, structure and delivery style is right for you and your organisation. Drawing from appropriate case studies, I will then tailor a presentation to suit you.

Together we can ensure you have a conference to remember.

Key Topics


These are Alan’s main topics – which can be tailored to suit your event.
Feel free to suggest one not on the list.

Change Management

Change is a reality and it comes at you in many ways. It might be prompted by external forces or you yourself might recognise the need to change.

Be careful – history shows that most change programmes fail. That’s not to do with poor implementation – but more to do with poor planning in the first place.

Alan knows what it takes to drive and to own the change in a business. Across industry, he has led and facilitated many large blue-chip companies through change and to overcome resistance. With appropriate case studies he will share the pitfalls and strategies for managing change and help you to land key messages for your business.

High-Performance Culture

Everyone knows that culture eats strategy for breakfast. And that if you get your culture right, you can take on the world. While others can copy your strategy – no one can copy your culture. Alan will tell you where culture fits in to your big picture… what culture is, why it’s important, how it’s measured – and what it will take to achieve a high-performance culture for your organisation.

Alan can ask hard questions about your culture, your values and the engagement of your own people – and encourage you to take a fresh look at your own organisation culture.

AON Customer Service

Customer Service

Alan is passionate about customer service. He can tell you how to develop a culture of great service from the board-room to the front-line – whether you’re B2C, B2B or Public Service.

He knows that customer service has to be practical and drive sales – and it requires a fully engaged workforce. While that’s obvious and sounds easy, we don’t all do it.

He will challenge you with examples, evidence and case studies to help you achieve consistency and to motivate your people into action to increase your sales.

AON Selling Value Added

Selling Added-Value

Premium brands traditionally command higher prices. But the downturn caused prices to drop in several sectors. Low prices are usually not sustainable and as the market returns to growth, the legacy of ‘value’ prevails.

Alan can inspire your team with tools, great stories and confidence to sell added value and achieve better margin again.

AON Retail


From food to fashion, luxury to mass, big box to multiple site and travel retail to the high street, Alan has consulted with many many retailers for over 20 years.

Retail is changing rapidly and becoming even more complex. Coping with that is an ongoing challenge – even for the best and Alan can tell you how they do it. And even if you’re not a retailer, it’s a sector that every business can relate to and learn from because of their sense of urgency, their focus on the customer and of course their commercial savvy.

Alan can reveal to you the secrets of their success in a way that you can learn from and adapt for your business. ​Selfridges in particular is an amazing success story, winning the award for ​best departments store in the world​ three times. Alan can share his insights and how he supported them to achieve their ambition.

The experience

Change Management and Customer Experience are two very relevant topics in today’s world. Every single client of ours is going through change at some level – some more disruptive than others. Within that change, more and more organisations have come to realize that whatever change they make, they must put ‘customer’ at the heart of that.

Cosimo Turroturro, Managing Director | Speaker’s Associates

I have learned from Alan, that even in this digital era the secret sauce of an organization is people – and stretching it further, relationships. The quality of the experience we deliver, and resilience in this turbulent age is 100% dependent on the quality of our people.

Donnie Tantoco, President | Rustan Commercial Corporation, Philippines

My partner and I started a new business, where ‘service’ of course is the key differentiator. It’s a member’s only swimming pool and coaches have olympic or international competition background. So, thank you Alan for all your good coaching when we worked together in deBijenkorf in Netherlands.

Robert Bohemen, Chieg Marketing Officer / SVP Global Marketing | TomTom

I am proud to say that I have witnessed Alan delivering outstanding seminars, presentations and small group development sessions and rarely have I experienced such a captivating leader and presenter. He has the unique talent of holding his audience in the palm of his hand and his extensive retail knowledge and experience is second to none.

Peter Larkin, Senior Operations Manager | Alshaya - Egypt

EIQA has developed a ‘Service – Performance’ model that forms the backbone of our Quality Management Systems (QMS) assessment methodology. We are honoured to have Alan on the panel of judges for The National Q Mark Awards. Alan is in the unique position of not only understanding this model, he really believes in it too. He can clearly demonstrate that there is a link between engaged employees and why they should be at the very heart of an effective customer service strategy.

Irene Collins, Managing Director | Excellence Ireland Quality Association

We are a publicly funded Public Employment Service, and with the constant backing of Alan’s motivational, positive influence and endless energy, we have succeeded in meeting (and beating) targets, under-budget, and on time!  His charismatic manner and powerfully upbeat drive, has opened doors for us that previously remained firmly shut!

Clodagh Judge, Chief Operations Officer | County Kildare Local Employment Service

We have worked with Alan countless times as a speaker and our clients continue to be inspired by his practical tips and stories.

Nick Gold, Managing Director | Speakers Corner

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